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Dare to Dair

I knew lily couldn't be that much of a bitch! And I'm surprise people, I can't believe I'm actually liking the Dan/Blair interactions, those were the things that kept me laughing and made me desperate to know what's coming next!!!!!. 
As they say: Dare to Dair

PD: Miss Little Queen J

I'm changing LiveJournals...

 Once I muster enough want to do it XD But, I'm doing it!

 See this beautiful image? Not mine (wish I could draw a even a tenth part of that). I just found it in google, and I'm not sure who the original author actually is. So this is just a edited part of the picture, with a legend I wrote down. And if by any chance, the author doesn't feel comfortable with me having use a part of it, just let me know and I'll take it down. IT WAS NEVER MY  INTENTION TO CLAIM IT AS MINE! Just, I felt in love with it, and was so mad about the kiss in the sixth movie, and this picture actually portraits how I think it happened that I couldn't resist. Congratulations to the author, you're a genius XD This picture is how it should've been...
So, after the sixth movie I shouldn't be surprise, but I'm bloody mad!!!! The kiss and dynamics in general between Harry and Ginny were lacking, and if it already lacks in the book, why also in the movie? 
I really had hope in the seventh movie, I was hopping that Yates would redeem himself (i fucking hated the fifth and sixth, though it made me laugh, but it's Rupert Green, it's impossible not to), and all was going well until the kiss between Harry and Hermione...awkward much? If that was your goal, you made it Yates.  

And I will love to curse Yates for these into an inch of his life IF I hadn't just read that Steve Kloves the screenwriter believe in H/Hr...Oh, how cute!¬¬ ASSHOLE! So that's why we see so much weird interaction between them. A tip (even if now it TOOOO LAAAATEEE) stick to the bloody books, or at least don't add stupid H/Hr scenes that are a waste of my time (the dancing scene for those who have seen it). 

NOTE: If you support anything other than H/G or Hr/R, good for you, and I so don't want to hear about it! Although I was read a good Draco/Hermione story... it was hot, but Draco sooo OUT OF CHARACTER, that's the only way the shippers can put them together.      
  I think I'm alone in my loving of Bitchy Queen J, XD I love seeing her taking down as many UESidders as she can. Yeah, I don't miss naive little J at ALL. 

There's actually a poll about it, and it's pretty close, which one do you prefer? Sweet J or mean J?  http://www.buddytv.com/articles/gossip-girl/gossip-girl-spoilers-jenny-the-31932.aspx 
You know my answer: 

That doesn't mean I like her doing stupid shit like selling drugs, but I love seeing her giving as good as she gets. 
 Yo y mi boca...MALA COMBINACIÓN!!! Debo aprender a ser más calculadora ¬¬ la honestidad esta sobreestimada!


 And the best? She's coming back for vengeance! PLEASE! Do a nice take down, the 4 UESidders deserve it. And really, I love karma, but if life gives it you have to take it. We just need G in this, and I will officially love the show back.  I just hope they UES's don't win again, take about predictable, and I hope Little J gives Nate a little piece of her mind. His as shitty as the other three, so why so hypocrite?  

As for the GG writes: FINALLY, YOU DID SOMETHING GOOD! Now I'm really excited. Good episode, first time I don't think the writers are fucking biased, for a moment I was all "they won...AGAIN". I even like Juliet now, she is bringing J back so all is forgiven. 

All go bitch at the FB of GG  XD

Si te salvas, no te quedes conmigo

Nov. 3rd, 2010

 Oh fuck, I have so many favorite authors and stories in FF.net, that they write faster than I can read...

Hot damn...

Just saw the last episode of Gossip Girl - War at the roses- and after that hot scene at the end, Chuck and Blair are back to my like list. 

And GO DAN! Really, bitchiness is not just UES, so I don't get all the "your better than this" speech, B and C deserve everything that happens to them, and I enjoy a good slap of Karma. So, if life gives you the ammunitions why not accelerate the process?

PD: Oh, for a moment I though Jenny was going to be the surprise X( So sad, she's the only one, THE ONLY ONE, that can take down anyone in the show, BUT, with great power comes a great responsibility and little J has to learn that when burning someone else you have to be careful not to burn yourself. 

Here in hopes the writers gives us more plot, and not just the typical C and B, and S and whatever guy (I'm feeling you Penn, COMPLETELY)